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Plastic sheds are suitable for a large variety of different uses.

From small sheds designed for the garden to large buildings, they can be dramatically different in their construction and size.

Smaller sheds are used in domestic areas and are a single story building built to house garden tools, equipment or items unwanted in the house such as pesticides or herbicides. They are available in a variety of different shapes, from horizontal sheds (wider than they are tall), vertical sheds (taller than they are wide), corner sheds or lean to sheds. Frequently manufactures provide extra features, such as shelves and hooks for storage type sheds to help create extra space.

Larger sheds can have even more features, for example a shingled roof, windows or electrical outlets. These plastic sheds give far more space than your traditional garden shed, and can be used in farms or industry or even garden offices for those needing additional space.

Cost also widely varies between models – however suffice to say the larger the model with extra features means the more expense. Instillation services are also available for your convenience (usually at additional cost) for some plastic sheds, whilst others need to be self assembled. However it is important to remember that you will need a suitably sized hard-standing in place already.